JustGeorgeJ’s Little Adventure in Big London!

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Hello Readers,

As many of you know, today I traveled down to London to visit the offices of Campus Society. It has been a day… I can tell you that. It has been a lot of traveling, a lot of new experiences and very tiring. However, all in all, it has been extremely fun! 

As I write this article, I am on the train back to Leicester. Luckily, I managed to get a seat next to the window and facing the direction the train is actually going. As I travel home and record the standard “fields passing me by bit” for my YouTube vlog, I’m left reflecting on my little journey and the day as a whole!

Before I talk about today, I believe it is important to mention the recent, horrific, events that have happened in the U.K. including London. Unless you are a complete shut away and hermit (which in this day and age, I would not blame you) you shall know of the events that occurred in Manchester and London. If you do not know, in Manchester there was a terrorist attack involving an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert and then a couple of days ago, a terrorist attack involving a van and stabbings in London. It is fair to say, the world has been a scary place as of late. Therefore, it was no surprise I was nervous about traveling to London today. My anxiety was going crazy. I come from Leicester and Lincoln, sure, crime happens but nothing on the scale of terrorist attacks so it was difficult to decide whether I was going to go somewhere where tensions were high and venture into a city that is on high alert. I was on the fence, to say the least, I kept changing my mind. What set it in stone (the decision to go) was watching the One Love concert in Manchester last night. Following what happened at Grande’s gig, she did a charity concert with a collection of famous singers and musicians and much more to raise money for the victims and families of the tragedy. Witnessing what I did, as I watched it live on TV, was outstanding. It was clear to see that no matter what, as a country, we are defiant in the face of chaos and terrorism. They attempt to tear us apart and strike fear into our hearts and alter our values and way of life but all we do is throw a big ass concert and have a bloody good time! We are strong. We are resilient. We are united. With this in mind, I decided the fear was not going to stop me and the decision was made, I was going to London.

Today, I woke up at 9 am and proceeded to get ready for the exciting day ahead. Now, first I should let you into a story as to why I am so against public transport…

Back in my first-year summer, my car had to be fixed and therefore, to travel to Lincoln, I had to go on the train. This would be the first time I’d EVER been on a train on my own! (Weird, right?). This meant I had to book my tickets, navigate the station and all the rest. Long story short, when collecting my RETURN tickets from the machine at the station… I only collected the Outward bound tickets and believed this was everything I needed. Therefore, on the way back, I had no ticket. I couldn’t afford another to get back. Luckily, my friend drove me back. If not, I’d have still been there to this day.  (Literally) (Not literally).

… so now you understand why I was nervous about my journey. Anywho, I got myself ready and had to be at Leicester train station for 11:45, my train left at 12:00. By a miracle, I managed to get ALL my tickets I needed, navigate to the platform and get on the train without any help. #Achievement #AdultLife #NailedIt ! Ahead of me was an hours train journey to St.Pancras station – the journey was nice. However, someone was in my reserved seat… so, in a typically British way, I didn’t bother the man and simply sat with him. I soon realised I was sitting in a position so I’d be going backward when the train moved. Seeing as I get travel sick, this was not good. You’re probably thinking “you could have just moved seat”, oh no, no my dear friends! My anxiety does not allow for that, I was fully committed to sitting with this man and his girlfriend. I was in it for the long run. In my head, moving would have offended him and made me look weird. However, I survived the journey and did not puke.

Once I reached the station, I had to navigate to the tube. Which I had NEVER been on. I had NO idea how it worked. (This seemed to offend a lot of Londoners which I encountered today). I just started to mindlessly follow signs for “UNDERGROUND”, that seemed to be a good idea. I knew that I had to be on the Picadilly Westbound tube to get to Knightsbridge and luckily, three lovely police offers who were extremely approachable helped me out. Once on the tube, I managed to get myself to Knightsbridge and finally to the building I needed. Honestly, it may not sound a lot to you seasoned travelers but the whole thing for me was a miracle. The fact I actually got where I needed to be is a pure miracle.

As mentioned previously I was off to the offices of Campus Society. Campus Society is a social media website for students both nationally and internationally. If you have not already, check it out here. At this stage, I do not want to say too much about why I was at Campus Society but I will say it is an exciting opportunity! I’ll keep you all updated on this as time goes on!

After my team of meeting the Campus crew and getting shown around, my time had passed before I knew it, and it was time to meet a friend before getting some food. After a successful second tube trip, we ended up in Five Guys – catching up and having a nice time. From there, we went for coffee before I had to catch my train back to Leicester at 7:15 pm. Then, from there, long story short, I arrived back in Leicester and was home safe and sound!

And this is my day to London! (How many times can I say the word London?)

There is a lot of exciting news to update you all on soon and a lot going on in my life! Slowly but surely I will catch you all up and let you know what is going on but until then I hope you enjoyed reading this account of my day out and keep an eye out for this space where I will be posting the link to my vlog all about the footage I recorded today!

Goodnight readers!


One thought on “JustGeorgeJ’s Little Adventure in Big London!

  1. Wow that was awesome George, as you over came the fear of the tube . Your writing about the concert, just proves we can not be broken as a nation. Keep up the awesome work 😊


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