GS 2017 – 09/06/2017

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Good Afternoon Readers,

As promised, I am continuing with my ‘Graduate Summer’ collection of writing. Today’s subject was decided upon using a poll on ‘Campus Society’ in which I provided the following options;

  • My Past Couple of Days
  • The Election / My ¬£210 Bet
  • Story Time (Random Story)
  • Other¬†

Following the results of that, I am going to combine two. I will write about my last couple of days and link it with a little story. At this point and time of my writing, I’m still yet to decide on what story that will be, but, we shall see!

We shall start with the past couple of days. As you know from one of my recent articles, I have been back home in Leicester. Due in part to going to London to visit Campus and also wanting to see my family, however, I had to come back to Lincoln yesterday to vote. I have not had an exciting life, to say the least at the moment. I helped out my parents with some work the other day and earned some money, then yesterday I drove back to Lincoln, voted and spent most of my evening watching the Election. After a while, I realised I’d tuned out of what was being said and just focusing on the bottom of the screen watching the seats being taken. Thrilling. I had to give up watching it in the end.

HOWEVER, the last couple of days have been dominated by something else… something that was advertised to ‘take over our summer’… and yes, you would be right in guessing that ‘Love Island’ has returned to our screens! I definitely have an unhealthy obsession with that programme. It is one of those that I refuse to miss, I have to watch every episode! I’m enjoying this year contestants and the drama is already heating up. I have my opinions on all of them but I won’t go into detail on that in this post as I would end up going on and on and on!

With this in mind though, this leads me to a story that happened just last night!


Right, so, I’d returned to Lincoln and quickly informed my housemates that we HAD to watch Love Island as I had not missed an episode and I wanted to continue that streak. At the same time, I wanted them to share in the delight that is Love Island and become as obsessed as I am around this FANTASTIC show!

So there I am, ready and waiting for Love Island to start at 9 pm on ITV2. Patiently waiting. I’ve gone to the toilet, I’ve gone for a cigarette and now I am comfy on the sofa. My roommate then plugs in her soup maker… which blows ALL the electrics in the kitchen/front room and yes, you guessed it, this meant the TV died. Full. Blown. Panic. The fuse had blown in the plug meaning it tripped the rest of the electrics in the house. Therefore, it was me to the rescue in a blind panic as I attempted not to miss Love Island. This was at like 8:58 pm – so yeah, you can imagine my panic. I ran to the fuse box, expecting to see that the main fuse had been tripped, it had not. PANIC. After fiddling with it for a while I managed to rest the fuse box and then change the fuse in soup makers plug and get everything back up and running – having only missed two minutes of Love Island.

Everything was okay. I managed to finish watching the programme without any more interruptions.

So yeah, that’s my exciting little life during my graduate summer!


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