GS 2O17 – 12/06/2017

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Good Evening Readers,

Here I am again, keeping to my writing schedule in order to keep some continuity to my blog and something steady for my readers – therefore, I hope you are appreciating the new content that I am trying to keep up with! The one downside is, my life is not that exciting at the moment!

As I have just said, my life is not that interesting at the moment. I have a lot of the things in the pipelines ready to get going, but… it is just getting to them! One thing, unfortunately, one of the jobs I got shortlisted for, I did not get in the end. Therefore, the search continues, however, my first ‘working day’ on Campus was a success!

On Saturday I had a 9-5 shift working on Campus as a moderator and it was a good success! It was a bit of a quiet day, but there were a few active members that I spoke with and I managed to get loads of content posted on the site. As well as watching a few films throughout the day, so all in all, it was a good day and I am looking forward to my next shift!

I ALWAYS RECEIVED MY ‘VERIFIED’ BADGE ON MY PROFILE TODAY. It is only something small, but I enjoy it! I feel like I valued member of the workforce now!

Anyway, for now…


Jesus, I do not actually have a story for you, let me think!

OKAY! I have one, only a small one. This leads on from the fact I was at my mates birthday party last night. Now, I went to this friends birthday party a few years ago and it was the first time I’d ever really met his parents. This is important to the story!

At this party, I had drunk a little too much and was not feeling 100% okay. I was drunk, okay? I was drunk. Also at this party, there was a fire pit and over the party, I couldn’t help but ‘take control’ of the fire. Long story short, I looked like Gollum guarding the ring.

At one point during the party, my friend’s mum attempting to come over and put some wood on the fire… I shouted at her. I literally shouted at her and told her it was my fire and she could not touch it. First time meeting her, and I shouted at her.

However, all she did, was simply walk over to the music player and put the song ‘Firestarter’ by ‘The Prodigy’. Then, all she did was laugh at me and agree that it was my fire.

Therefore luckily, I was off the hook! Everyone did laugh at me though!

Well, there it is!

Until the next post!

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