GS 2017 – 16/06/2017 (This, That & Everything)

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Hello Readers,

How are we all? I trust we are all. Today’s article is going to be a mixture of everything; as the title suggests, ‘This, That & Everything’. As university and college come to an end, the exam stress begins to disappear and summer begins to take shape, I thought I’d address a mixture of areas. Let’s get started!

  • A Well Deserved Break

As previously stated, university, college and more is coming to an end for a lot of students. That means all that hard work has now (hopefully) paid off and you can begin to enjoy your summer… again, hopefully.

This little area is to remind you that you should have a well-deserved break! You have been working hard for a VERY long time so now, do not feel guilty about taking some time off. This is what I did when I finished university, I felt SUPER guilty about not doing anything but I am telling you, if it is possible, take a week to yourself! Stay in bed, watch films, binge watch TV, have some relaxing days out, go out to eat, go out drinking – do whatever you need to do to unwind and relax. You owe it to yourself to let your body and mind have a break.

  • Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Yes, it is a very cheesy line but it is very true. Now, I apply this quote to a variety of situations – therefore, it depends on what situation you are in. If you’re going from college to university, ensure you start preparing. Make sure your Student Finance is sorted out in plenty of time, as well as your accommodation! Ensure you have started to plan out weekly budgets and you have started to look for jobs if you need one. Make a list of everything that you need to buy and buy in plenty of time!

If you’re already at university, ensure you start preparing for your next academic year. Spend some time getting copies off books or spend some time in the library and start reading and trying to make a head start on the work you shall be doing. Also, if you’re already in university, make sure you have everything sorted for your student house (because if you have not already got one, you are cutting it fine, to be prepared – look around Christmas time). Ensure contracts and money are in order if there is anything you need to buy for the house or clarify with the landlord and so on. BE PREPARED.

  • Landlords and Communication

This leads on from the previous, and one I pride myself in especially. At this point, I have lived in two student houses and had a good line of communication with both of my landlords. Why is this important you ask? Well, if you are respectful of your landlord and willing to talk to them, this can even benefit both you and the landlord. For example, in the first student house, by being close with my landlord, he provided us with two new sofas and also allowed us to have rabbits, as well as fitting mirrors in the bathrooms for us. At the same time, in return, I offered my services of doing minor repairs and so on.

In this student house, I am again close with the landlord. He let us fit an outdoor light in the garden, as well as fitting a blind for us in a hallway and teaching me how to bleed radiators and fix the boiler. In return, I am offering my services over summer repainting the house free of charge. I take pride in my student house and I show this by caring for the garden and making sure it’s presentable. By showing the landlord you can about the house, keep it in good condition and are not afraid to help out and talk to them, they will respect you a lot more! This is something I can not repeat enough!

  • Money, Money, Money

Obviously, as a lot of students suffer, we know that Student Finance does not allow some students to afford rent, let alone live. Therefore, students suffer. In turn, students have to ask family for money (if this is viable) or work! All I say is, in the student cities, jobs are all around – but not easy to come by, ironically. Therefore, ensure you search for jobs in plenty of time! Apply, apply, apply!

However, I will say this. It is important you know your timetable for the year whilst at university. Find out when you will be in lectures and make sure you dedicate time to individual study, once you do this, you will know the kind of hours you can apply for. Do not get me wrong, some people manage a full-time job whilst at university, some people can only manage part-time, it depends on you! Just do not stretch yourself thin! Know what you can handle!

  • Enjoy Your Summer!

Finally, enjoy your summer! This sort of links with the first point about having that well-deserved break but this addresses all of summer. Summer, all in all, is about having a good break (even if you are working) therefore, make sure you enjoy it! Spend time with family and friends, if you can go on holiday – go! Go out, explore and just make some memories! Once university hits, as much fun as it can seem, it will be stressful and though you’ll make memories, you won’t have time to go on breaks away and such (some people do – but that is not the point). Just ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! As much as possible! Have a great time and just live a little and return to university (or start) refreshed!

That is it for today, these are some of my little tips that I wanted to share with you!

Have a great summer readers, whatever you do!

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