GS 2017 – 19/06/2017

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Good Evening Readers,

Here we are, another article! What has been going on in my life? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oh! Wait! I binge watched all of Rick and Morty. That is the extent of what I can class as being productive at the moment. Yay for me!

I think the begin this article, first and foremost, we should address the weather. That’s the most typically British thing to do, right? I mean, we only get a few good days of summer a year and it is fair to say, this is some of the warmest weather we have faced this year. When I say that what I mean is, WHY IS IT SO DAMN HOT?! If I am being honest with you, I prefer the cold weather. At least when it is cold you can control your temperature. When you are hot, you are just hot! It’s so annoying.

Anyway, enough of that, just know that I will probably be trekking to the South Pole tonight to sleep, or failing that, sleeping in my freezer.

Today, I believe I shall talk about a little poll I ran over on Campus Society. Now, as most of my readers know, I have written a few articles entitled ‘Student Worries’ where I have explored a variety of worries that prospective students face when starting university. Well, even those that are already at university. A lot of them can be debunked as common misconceptions that have been created through media coverage and stories, social media content and stories that have been passed through the grape vine.

In this poll, I put forward the following question with the following options;

“What are you most worried about starting university?

  • Finances
  • Starting Your Course
  • Food Shopping
  • Living Independently
  • Making Friends
  • The Work Load
  • Joining Societies
  • Night Life ETC.
  • Other”

The following are the number of votes they received each;

Finances (47); Starting Your Course (14); Food Shopping (10); Living Independently (13); Making Friends (54); The Work Load (13); Joining Societies (6); Night Life ETC. (5); Other (1).

As you can see there are two clear ‘winners’ that are far ahead of the others, those being ‘Finances’ and ‘Making Friends’. Ironically, through my past three years of blog writing, these are ALWAYS the most common. This has led me to write many articles on these topics in order to try and encourage students to not stress about these things quite so much before they start university; doing so can really make the start of university a daunting experience.


Do not get me wrong, finances can be extremely daunting whilst at university. For the majority of students, they will apply for Student Finance and get a varied amount depending on their parent’s income (do not even get me started on that). Now, this amount they receive from SF can barely even cover some students rent/ability to live and that is scary. For other students, it doesn’t cover their accommodation at all! Some students have to borrow from friends/family if they are so lucky. Others are able to get bursaries. Others have to dip into their savings. Then there are others that have to work in order to allow them to live. Now, this point goes off into various other branches about working during university, the stress of that and the balance of work/social/uni and it goes on and on, something I have covered many a time! But for now, we’ll focus on just the idea of finances.

Whatever situation you are in, if you want to go to university, you are going to have to live with it. One thing that is not worth your time is worrying about the debt you are going to be in. Unfortunately, we live in a society now where being a student means having an acceptance towards the debt you are going to be, that’s just that. There is nothing you can do about that. (Unless you are insanely right or win the lottery!). Therefore, try not to let it bother you too much. Accept the money you are going to get and accept that it is something you are going to be paying back for an awfully long time and probably never going to fully pay off anyway. Once you have accepted that, you can move on with your life.

If you need a job, get a job and something manageable. If you don’t, manage to budget your money. (To be honest, do that either way!). Budgeting is important. Also, know that you are not alone. Every student is in the same boat and finances is something that 99% of us do poorly… so, do not worry. To be honest, I am not the best at giving advice about it. I usually ignore it until I HAVE to worry about it. Best way! (It’s not!).

If you need help, reach out to your university. There are many, many routes that you can take in order to get extra money and get help whilst at university!

Making Friends

Again, this is another EXTREMELY common worry when starting university. It is mostly common for it to be a 50/50 split. Half are not worried about making friends at university, the other half is. At the end of the day, it depends on who you are as a person – all those weird and wonderful things that make you, you. No matter whether you are an extreme extrovert or a deeply rooted introvert, there is ALWAYS going to be somebody like you are university and you will come across them. You will bond over past experiences, likes and dislikes, hobbies and so on. (Hopefully your course as well!). There are friends to be made all over whilst at university.

One thing I will say is this. Do NOT worry if you do not make friends in your course. There are some people that do not and that is fine. There is plenty of other opportunities. During Freshers week especially. During Freshers week the universities usually put on a parade of different events and activities to take part in and you should give all of them ago if you can. Just get out there and meet friends. Join socities, go to taster sessions and so on! Now, I do understand that for an extrovert that is fairly easy, for an introvert, not so much. However, introverts, get out! Give it ago! Make friends with your flatmates and go out for a coffee or for a meal or to a taster session… the list is endless.

All I can promise is this… it will naturally happen. It will all just fall into place, so let it happen. (Just do not forget to put in at least a little effort!).

Good luck propsective students, until next time!

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