GS 2017 – 26/06/2017

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Good Evening Readers,

Again, as usual in these recent updates, I do not have a lot to tell you as my graduate summer – at the moment – is not that exciting. However, I do have exciting news!

Today, I received my final marks back from university and now know what I am graduating with…

I am very happy to announce that I will be graduating from Bishop Grosseteste University with an Upper Second Class degree in BA (Hons) Drama in the Community.

E.g. I graduated with a 2:1!

This is also good news because it means after three years of hard work, breakdowns, tears and more, I have achieved the classification I need in order to go onto study my Master’s!

Literally, the relief and excitement that came over me today when I received my grades were unbelievable. Relief; this is because I can finally relax knowing that I have safely got the grades to get into the University of Lincoln and the fact that my hard work has actually paid off. Excitement; this has the same reasons as before really but also down to the fact that I can actually graduate with my friends next month!

Therefore, with all of that in mind, it is time to get back to working with my parents to earn some money to buy my graduation suit! Also today, I booked in for my hair/beard to be cut at a ‘fancy pants’ place in Lincoln, all in order to be ready for graduation!

Until next time!

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