GS 2017 – 25/06/2017

I'm back again, a couple of days late, but I'm here!

GS 2017 – 19/06/2017

What's been going on in my life? Nothing... nothing probably. GRADUATE SUMMER IS BORING.

GS 2017 – 16/06/2017 (This, That & Everything)

Here I am, sharing some weird and wonderful pearls of wisdom!

GS 2O17 – 12/06/2017

Another Graduate Summer entry!

GS 2017 – 09/06/2017

The GS collection continues, today, my past few days and a little story for you!

JustGeorgeJ’s Little Adventure in Big London!

My little trip to Big London!

The Post-Uni Slump

That feeling you fall into when university has finished.

Life Without Uni

Life without uni... what's it like?

My Last Presentation

Hello Readers!  Well, here we are. As I write to you today I am in my last ever "lecture". I state 'lecture' like that due to the fact that this day is all of my class delivering their final presentations. There is still an assignment to complete after this but I've already completed and submitted … Continue reading My Last Presentation