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Student Image Comp.pngAre you a Fresher? Could you do with a few goodies at no cost? Are you a Second or Third year that could do with replenishing some belongings you’ve lost along the way free of charge? Do you want a chance to win the follow;

  • Eight in One Kitchen Tool Bottle
  • Storage Boxes
  • Stackable Wine Glasses
  • Stackable Mugs
  • Kitchen Tool Set
  • USB Stick

plastic boxes and other gifts supplied by Allison Handling’

WELL, It’s time, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, a Student Giveaway hosted by yours truly JustGeorgeJ!

So, now you’re questioning how do I get involved and how could I win?

EASY! Here’s what you do…

Step One; Follow Me on Facebook or Twitter (or both if you’d like!)

Step Two; Take a photo of yourself that represents WHY YOU NEED THIS GIVEAWAY

Step Three; Post it on Facebook or Twitter (if posting on Facebook, link my…

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Re-hosting this LIVE CHAT again today! Everyone and anyone welcome, students or bloggers!


Are you a blogger? Amateur or professional? Part-time or dedicated? Student or not? Food blogger? Auto blogger? Student blogger? Whatever type of blogger, you are invited to my Live Chat at the following link; 

A chance for bloggers to get to know each other, shares stories, debate and make friends!

My first time doing this, don’t be shy!

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STUDENT WORRIES : Being a Student

A new article all about one of the main worries of being a student... is being a student.

JustGeorgeJ – Half Way Through

This article details how I am getting on at the half way point of my university journey.

50 things guaranteed to happen during Freshers Week

rum tum

Ah, Freshers. A week or fortnight infamous for drunken disasters and loan obliterations. Here are 50 things that are guaranteed to go on.

  1. Someone will climb inside a washing machine at the launderette
  2. You will become best friends with someone for one night and then never speak to them again
  3. Someone will be violently sick in front of everyone
  4. You will get free condoms at the Freshers Fair
  5. And free pens
  6. And sign up to societies you never intend on going to
  7. You will have to drink a dirty pint
  8. You will get lost heading to an induction
  9. Someone will create a chunder chart and think they are hilarious
  10. They will then be the first name on said chunder chart
  11. Someone will make a basic cooking error and nearly cause a fire
  12. You will spend your first loan solely on clothes and booze
  13. Someone will have to be taken home…

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There is such passion behind these words. Reading every post from beginning to end and all I can say is wow. Just, I can feel the passion and the emotion in the words.


Fanatastic article to read, an old friend discovering his blog and getting reacquainted with his readers. Check it out.

Touch The Hills

As I was stalking myself on Twitter, scrolling down my own profile, I discovered a link to this blog. I then discovered that I haven’t used it since October. Sorry.

Perhaps now would be a good time to get reacquainted and hopefully I will begin to use this more because I actually really enjoy writing.

Hi! I’m Mitch and I am a student at Regents Theological College. I am studying for a degree in Applied Theology and Performing Arts and I love it there. I am a fan of Leicester City Football Club (who aren’t doing too bad currently!) and I love music, whether that be listening or playing.

Before I came to write this evening, I read the three blog posts that I wrote at the back end of last year as I was preparing to go off to college and in the early weeks of my life there…

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