student worries: independence

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Good Afternoon Prospective Students (and students),

Whilst struggling to conceive an idea of what I could write about today, I did something I do rarely. This was going back and looking at my old work. Therefore, I dived into the pages of my blog and went back to the ‘beginning’ and remembered I was very passionate about doing a collection of articles called ‘student worries’ and therefore, I thought I’d do one that I’d never done before! Therefore, I welcome you to ‘student worries: independence’!

Through my time on ‘The Student Roon’ in the early part of 2016 and previous and then my time on Campus since the beginning of this year… and my entire three years at university, independence is something that is two-fold. 45% of students are dying for it, 45% are terrified of it and 10% are both. It is fair to say that when we are starting university, putting the studying aspect aside for a moment, it is all about independence.

Personally, I believe you have more independence when moving out of home and actually living in halls/student housing. Purely because, I feel, if you stay at home – you are stuck between two worlds. A world of routine you have always known and then a world of study and socialism that you have never experienced before and I believe to truly immerse yourself in the independence of being a student, you have to move on. This is not to say that students living at home are not independent because they can be, but, I just believe there is a huge amount of growth to be said for moving out of your family home, paying your own way and supporting yourself. Each to their own though.

Anyway, independence! The idea of being independent as a student is accumulated with several reasons. It is the idea, as said above, that you are paying your own way and supporting yourself. You have taken the step of moving away from home and doing your own cooking; cleaning; shopping and more. Also, learning to be alone away from your family and friends that you have grown up with and loved. Now, to some people, it does not affect them and they are just ready to move out and begin living ‘their’ life, but for some people, it is quite heavy and there is nothing wrong with this.

Independence; The Scary Side

Let us, for a moment, focus on being scared of having independence.

From what I have experienced in my three years, being scared of having independence is again, two-fold. So, firstly, you can be scared of independence because you have led an extremely sheltered existence and never really learned to ‘stand on your own two feet’ metaphorically speaking. This means that you have led a very ‘laid back’ lifestyle whilst living at home and had a lot done for you, or, purely decided not to actively learn the skills you need to survive in life. This means, you have very limited knowledge of cooking, cleaning is commonly known as ‘hide all the junk under the bed’ and shopping is something only your parents do. If you are one of those people, going to university and living in halls is going to be a shock. Like jumping in an ice-cold river.

My advice for you people. Despite the fact this sounds like a harsh dig at you, it is not. It is trying to get you to open your eyes early so you do not have a meltdown when you first get to university. My advice is this; take control of your life and learn the skills you need to learn. There a student cookbooks out there that guide you through even the most complex of recipes and they are very easy to follow. Take pride in cleaning your space – it is really rewarding knowing that you have cleaned up! And finally, GO SHOPPING. Even if it is just joining your parents, go out shopping. Understand how much you are going to be spending on a certain time period, learn how to bargain and where to shop. It is not as easy as you think. Just, PREPARE. As they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail and that applies to every aspect of university.

Secondly, you are scared of independence purely because it is a massive change. These are the people that are perfectly competent in looking after themselves and being able to cook, clean and shop – however – they are about to break out of a routine they have known for a long time and submerge into a way of living that they have never really experienced before. ‘Flying the nest’ is actually a lot more stressful than it looks. You are looking forward to being away from family and friends and being able to ‘do you’ when you want, but, you do not really know how you are going to deal with it or how you are going to adapt, but again, is perfectly fine.

My advice for you people. As bad as it sounds, you just have to take the plunge and get there. There is no real ‘trial run’ you can do before you go to prepare yourself. You can get everything prepared and know the skills, but to truly know how you’ll fair once you are there, you just have to take the plunge and do it. I will not lie to you, it is not for everyone. Some people cannot handle it and end up moving back up and commuting and again, that is okay. Some people just are not ready for that. However, the majority pick it up straight away or as we students like to call it, you learn how to ‘scrape on by’.

Independence; Being Ready For It

Now, this is the one I relate to the most and purely because it was me when I started university.

These people are the ones that are just ready and again, arguably, they are two-fold. With the amount of ‘two-folds’ that go into independence, it’s got to be like 16 folds by now! Anywho, these people are two-fold. Like previous; they are either unprepared and ready for whatever comes their way with an ‘I’ll learn as I go along’ attitude or they are like the latter ones where they have all the skills they need and are ready to face whatever comes their way. Equally, both fine. However, going in with this attitude can be slightly dangerous. You may be thinking, ‘why is it dangerous?’, well, if you go in with this attitude (and there is nothing wrong with confidence) you can be a bit oblivious to the things you may not be prepared for and at the end of the day, it is always better to be prepared, as they say ‘expect the unexpected’… however, if you expect the unexpected, does that not make the unexpected, expected? Wow, trippy.

ANYDOODLE, MY ADVICE FOR YOU PEOPLE IS… do you, just be prepared a little. Be confident, as confident as you want too because I was. I was ready to move out, I had lived out my time at home, I had the skills and I was ready to move onto the next chapter of my life and when I got there, there were a few hiccups at the beginning but, it is a learning curve – as it is for everyone. Enjoy it!

And for now, that is student worries: independence!

I hope you were able to take even a small something away from this post!


My Last Presentation

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Hello Readers! 

Well, here we are. As I write to you today I am in my last ever “lecture”. I state ‘lecture’ like that due to the fact that this day is all of my class delivering their final presentations. There is still an assignment to complete after this but I’ve already completed and submitted that, therefore, this makes this my final ever presentation! In other words…

… this is the last academic thing I will ever do at Bishop Grosseteste University as a BA (Hons) Drama in the Community student. Next stop? Graduation! Today, I completed my presentation in 10:14, baring in mind the limit was 10 minutes (with a minute either way), this was pretty good to say the least. I felt fairly confident throughout the whole thing and managed to answer my questions confidentially and it wasn’t until afterwards that the realisation set in. It was over. That is it. I’d finished. 

I’ve wrote article after article about my times, experiences and journey through Bishop Grosseteste but I’ll never be able to articulate enough how rewarding and beneficial this time at BGU has been. At the say time of writing my own blog, I also write for Campus Society and they have recently had an influx of new members to the site and the BGU channel actually has members other than me! It’s exciting! However, I’m so jealous of all the prospective students that are about to start their journey – all of them talking about their halls and courses… it makes me feel nostalgic. Not to mention old. Despite the fact that was only me three years ago. Nostalgia is the only thing I will be feeling for a while… and it’s what I’m feeling right now. I’m reflecting on today and my first ever lecture… when I was hungover and fell sleep… (okay, maybe that’s not a good example!). It’s just scary to think of the changes that have happened and the time that has passed. 

As I say this, I act if though my educational journey is over, when in fact, it’s far from over. Starting September I’ll be studying a Masters in Playwriting at the University of Lincoln! Then the whole emotional rollercoaster begins again! I’m struck with the feeling of both “what did I think I should carry on?” and “I can’t wait to continue!”. It’s fair to say there are conflicting emotions at play here. You will be able to follow my MA journey here; The MA Life

It slightly saddens me that this blog will be coming to an end soon. What started as a simple hobby and a way to document my journey through university turned into something that was read not only nationally but also internationally. I’ve had people from all over the world read my blog and an amazing amount of engagement and feedback. I even got voted “Top 33 Student Blogs” in the latter part of 2016 – I was shocked. This blog took off into something that was accessible for all students – something that provided experience and advice to all of them! However, I make this all sound dramatic. Yes, this blog has been successful but it’s not “famous”, it’s been a low key achievement for myself. At the same time, though this blog will end (maybe) my new blog will continue and thrive! 

So yes, this is my day. My presentation is completed and I’m sitting listening to my fellow students deliver theirs. Reflecting on the past three years at Bishop Grosseteste… what a three years it has been. 

One Week Left

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Good Afternoon Readers,

Yes! This is it. This is the ‘one week countdown’ of my undergraduate degree ,if you’d like. Technically, at this point, I have a presentation on Wednesday and then my last deadline is on the 22nd of this month, however, I’ve already completed it and just waiting to submit it. Therefore, after Wednesday, I am done! So, there is one week left!

It’s weird to think that in a weeks time I will no longer have any work to do at Bishop Grosseteste University. I’ve studied here for three years and it’s suddenly all coming to an end. It’s gone by in the blink of an eye.

All I can do now is wait for my grades to come back and graduation and see where I end up! An exciting thing though… I’ve applied to be a Student Orator for my graduation! This basically means that I’ll make a closing speech at one of the four graduation ceremonies which is extremely terrifying whilst at the same time exciting! I really do hope I get one of the roles, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!

With one week left I am basically preparing for my presentation…. he says whilst preparing for a night out tonight. As a few cities do, we have a night out called ‘Propaganda’ and tonight is the last one of the university term… I plan to not rememeber the night. I am definitely going to use it as a stress reflief that I definitely deserve!

On top of this, I am attempting to get a job for summer, set plans for my Masters and work on my blogs! I also need to make a good effort on my Bucket List this summer! There is a lot I want to do this summer.

Anyway, like I said, I’m pretty much attempting to deal with the idea that university is coming to an end. It’s crazy and I really cannot get my head round it!

So… here’s to my last week!


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Good Afternoon Readers,

The title of this article is plain and simple: ‘University’. I am surprised, if I am being honest, that I have never written an article titled ‘university’. Sure, a lot of my articles have featured the word university but, I have never titled one ‘university’. Here we are!

University, what a journey it has been.

Before I started my university career, all I knew of this type of education was that it could be the next step in my educational career if I wanted it to be and if I worked hard enough for it. I did not really understand what it was, what it entailed or what it meant. I just knew it was something that I would be working towards. When I was finally in the sixth form, I had to make the choice. MORAL DILEMMA. Do I go onto an apprenticeship? Do I get a job? Do I go to university? Obviously, in the end, I went with university. However, I originally intended to do Computer Science as I had studied hard and come out with good grades during my ICT course but, Drama was my passion and calling and this is what I ended up doing – as we all know!

From there, we all know the story of my first, second and third year! I bet you are now wondering, “well, what are you going to write about tonight?”. That is a good question! To be honest with you, I have no bloody clue myself! I tell a lie, I do have a rough idea. Therefore, I’ll carry on and we shall see where we end up.

University for me has been an experience and a half. It has had it’s highs and lows. It’s positive and negatives. It’s happy times and sad times and so on and so fourth. It’s been a rollercoaster. It has been a juggling act! That is most definitely the most accurate term to use. University has definitely changed me in many ways, then again, other parts of me are stubborn and have not changed. Friends have come and gone, so have relationships – though, those that matter are still here at the end of the journey. My eyes have been opened to study I did not previously know and opportunities have been given to me to do some amazing things. University has not only gave me academic experience but also life experience. Sure, sometimes university was absolutely terrible but there were times when nothing could be better than it. I have had times where I drank all the time and then others were I was sober for weeks on end. I’ve had moments where I did all my work weeks before it was due and then other times when I handed it in the day before. I’ve had times when I’ve been completely in the dark about a subject and then others where I knew the most on a subject. I’ve had moments where I have been proud of my work and others were I’m disappointed in myself because I could have done better. I’ve made some memories for life that I will cherish forever and then there is times that I am trying to forget and would prefer never to think about again. There has been times when I’ve been completely motivated by university and eager to go to a lecture and then others where I’ve taken days off just to stay in bed. There has also been times when I’ve wanted to help everybody and anybody on my course with their work and then times when I just wanted to focus on my own. I’ve had moments where I thrived being independent and being away from home and being able to do what I want, where as there has also been times when I would have given anything to be back at home in comfort with my family. There has most certainly been occassions where I am financially stable (as much as you can be as student) and other times where I am having a complete breakdown about money. I’ve had jobs come and go when I’ve needed extra money and times when I haven’t had to work. I’ve gone through times when I’ve wanted to volunteer to go everything and taken too much on and times when I’ve turned away amazing opportunities. There has been the classic situations where I have worked myself to the bone in 24 hours and times when I’ve spread it out. I’ve experienced eating like a king for a good few weeks and moments when I’ve struggled to find a decent meal at all. I’ve had moments where I’ve been on top of the world and confident and then I’ve had the opposite where I am scared and terrified to do anything. I’ve had moments where all I’ve wanted to do is be at university and those when I’ve wanted to drop out altogether. I’ve experienced feelings of being utterly social and saying yes to everything and other times where I am a complete introvert and just wanted my own company. I’ve had times where I’ve chased my dreams and future and others where I’ve completely gave up on them. I have been happy and sad simultaneously. I’ve been angry and calm together. I’ve been positive and negative. I’ve been everything and anything all at once. I’d argue I’ve been at the highest point in student life and at the lowest – arguably at the same time sometimes. I’ve been inexperienced as a student and I’ve become a hardened (nearly veteran) of a student. I came into student life with misconceptions that I tried to live by only to discover I needed to discover it for myself.

I’ve come to realise ‘student life’ is a unique experience that you can not really experience anywhere else. It’s like a teenagers life smashed together with a working life. You are working 24/7 towards a degree but still manage to go out and achieve the mother of all hangovers. It’s having to take full responsibility for your life but at the same time, having no responsibility at all. It’s still enjoying life as a ‘teen’ but having to make pretty serious decisions as an adult. It’s everything you never imaged it could be whilst being nothing like you ever thought it would be.

‘Student Life’ and ‘University’ are unique to everyone, personally. Sure, there are the same generalised situations and feelings that we all experience but they are still unique to everybody. Every student experiences student life differently and they will all only ever be summed up as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘successful’ or ‘unsuccessful’. Society often views student life has a drugged up, alochol fuelled time of study but that’s the stereotype. Student life is in a bubble from the rest of society and unless you are living it, you will never understand the hardships of being a student. Volunterarily going into debt, volunterarily moving out and being independent, accepting that at this point you are not guaranteed a job no matter what you do but desperate to stay in education because it is the next logical step. For 18 years we are told to sit down, shut up and listen and learn and then expected to make one of the most important decisions of our life. Continue in school or go to work. Then, it’s all go from there. University and student life is a transitional period that anybody on the outside does not understand. It’s a struggle. It’s mentally and physically testing in every aspect of those meanings. Some soon find out that they aren’t ready for it or can’t handle it where as others just keep trudging through the challenges of this life, then there are those that seem to sail through it. No matter how it appears on the outside, everybody struggles with student life at some point.

As a student you will always face a judgement at some point. Whether that’s being judged for the course you study, the way you study that course, the way in which you live or act – whatever it is, you’ll face it because no matter what you did, someone isn’t going to approve of this life you have chosen. You’ll change mentally and physically – you’ll lose weight, you’ll gain weight. You’ll get into debt with various banks, friends or even family. You’ll experiene a ‘student breakdown’ of questioning everything. No matter what though, whatever you experience, you will keep fighting and living this ‘student life’.

From what I’ve learned, I could write a million and one articles providing hints and tips, advice and my own experiences but at the end of the day, they are just words on a screen. Nothing more. They are just words of one student. At the end of the day, student life needs to be lived to be learned. There is no other way and being honest, despite whatever I’ve written in the past, there is no way you can be prepared for it. As I’ve said, every experience is different and unique.

Though, one thing is for certain. No matter what happens during student life, what you study, who you make friends with (or don’t), whatever you decide to do… students always stick together and to be honest, we need too. It’s becoming more of a challenge to be a student. It’s becoming more expensive, more challenge and all at the same time, under appreciated. I truly believe when you pass your degree you should get your degree in the subject you’ve studied and one for surviving student life because, it’s an experience in itself and does train you to survive the world in ways you never thought you could.

So… here we are again, one students words on a screen.

This is university.


Results Day 2016

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Yay! Results Day, you’re going to university, this is what you have to come…

giphy (5).gif

Today is the day a lot of students have been dreading for a while, a day that they wish was never coming but at the same time, couldn’t come soon enough. On the other hand, there are students who have been excited for this day to come around and it finally has, so, the question is, how did you do on Results Day 2016?

Luckily, for most, it’s a beautifully sunny day – at least that’s something. Prepare yourselves for the newspaper pictures of students doing the jump-in-the-air with their results and the close ups on the news of students opening their envelopes and all those stereotypes – it’s a fun day all in all!

So, as I asked, how did you do today? Are you already celebrating your Results as you’ve got into the university of your choice? Are you fairly happy still but you only got into your insurance choice? Are you completely and utterly deflated after not achieving the grades you wanted to achieve? Have you considered Clearing? Have you already gained a place by going through Clearing today?

No matter what your answer is to those questions, Results Day is a mixture of emotions all around and still a fantastic none the day – it’s the where at least one massive weight drops off your shoulders and you’re left with a little breathing space – in reality, that breathing space lasts like 0.2 seconds before you realise you have so much to plan and buy for university or if you didn’t get into university, you’re questioning your entire future. It’s a fun time!

So, let’s break this down a little;

Congratulations, you’ve achieved the grades you needed to get into your Firm Choice!

Obviously we have to start on those of you that have achieved the grades you needed, so, congratulations! What’s next?

  • ENSURE you have sorted your Student Finance out and it’s all ready to go as soon as you start university ; if not, get it sorted now and ensure it’s the FIRST thing you do.


  • ENSURE your accommodation is all prepared and sorted (if you are living on campus), make sure you have applied for it or you have done so and hearing back from your university about what room you will be staying in!

giphy (1).gif

  • CHECK LIST; make sure you have got a list of everything you are going to need for university and that you’ve already started some university shopping; if not, guess what? SHOPPING TIME! Enjoy your university shopping – don’t go too crazy!

giphy (2).gif

  • HAVE you got everything you are going to need for your course? Pens, pencils, notepads and what not? Ensure you have! Also, have you already looked at any textbooks that you may be using on your course? Do it!

giphy (3).gif

  • HAVE you set up a Student Bank Account? Make sure you do this because you definitely need one whilst at university and they can help more than you’ll ever realise! Plus, they can offer some great perks and rewards. I’d suggest going with Lloyds!

giphy (4).gif

Even if you got into your insurance choice, congratulations!

  • LOOK on the bright side, you may not have got your firm choice but you still got a place at university and even if it doesn’t seem like it, a lot of people don’t get into university altogether – you chose your insurance for a reason (only a minority chose it just because they can) so be proud of yourself!

giphy (6).gif

  • At the end of the day, you’ve still got into university, so, guess what? All of the above still applies to you! Yay!

giphy (7).gif

Unfortunately, you didn’t make it into any of your choices…

  • DON’T feel disheartened. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and just because you didn’t get into university now, doesn’t mean you never will. You may feel crappy for a little bit but it isn’t the end of the world, keep your chin up and know there are many possible routes from here!

giphy (8)

  • SUCH as re-sitting your A Levels! Now at the end of the day, you don’t even have to resit all of them, you can just resit one or two just to bring your UCAS points up to allow you to get into university! Of course, it means going back to college for another year but if university is your overall goal, then you can do it!

giphy (9).gif

  • WHY not take a Gap Year? It’s fair to say the build up to university at college is enough to fry your brain and summer is meant to be the break before university – but if you didn’t get in, you have an opportunity to get some life experience and save up some money and to be honest, it isn’t such a bad idea! Some universities look for people who have taken gap years, some actually fund you to go on a gap year – it’s worth researching it and there is so much you can do in a gap year and it’ll give you time to have a well deserved break before returning and hitting the books again and carrying on with the university journey!

giphy (10).gif

  • FINALLY, have you considered Clearing? First of all, what is Clearing? Well, at the end of the time where the university has gone through the process of offering people places and declining people places – of course, they have places left over and this is where you can apply for courses that have spaces with your grades and you can sometimes get onto them even if the grades aren’t exactly what the original requirements were. It’s always worth looking – you might find the course you’ve always wanted through it, do some research and give it ago – you never know! You could be going to university sooner than you think!

giphy (11).gif

All in all, as I’ve previously stated, university and the build up to it is a rollercoaster and it isn’t going to end! Enjoy the rest of your summer, no matter what you are doing, and prepare for September to come around because that’s when you get a massive boot up the backside and you’re kicked into the action that’s in full swing. It is fun, so try and enjoy it and try not to worry about starting! 

Best of luck each and everyone of you,


Why Did I Choose My Course?

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Whilst sitting here on this lovely hot summers day I’ve been debating what to write next for my blog, then it occured to me, throughout everything I’ve posted I’ve never written anything about why I choose the course that I’m studying. Therefore, I thought why not write about that now. Granted, I’m two years into my course and going onto my third and final year, but, no time like the present to tell you!

I’m aware this article isn’t advice as such but after running a poll on my Twitter – personal experiences is something that readers want me to write about, and besides, reading this may help those who haven’t yet choosen their course and debating when you know it’s the right course for you. Who knows!

Right, let’s take a step back to late 2013 / early 2014. I was still in sixth form at college in my final year studying ICT, English Literature and Drama (Theatre Studies) after dropping Art after my first year of sixth form. From a young age I’ve always loved technology and computers, therefore I was certain (100% convinced) I was going to go on and study Computer Science at university. This was always the plan.

Baring in mind I started my ‘drama career’ pretty late on. I’ve started GCSE’s by studying Business Studies, Graphic Design, Art and ICT alongside the usual academic studies – but half way through year ten, something didn’t feel right. I’d made a bad decision by not choosing drama – I knew I had to change. However the opportunity to change the courses you’ve chosen is a two week window at the beginning of term – this was half way through the year. However, I spoke to the drama teachers and the head of subjects and suddenly I found myself studying drama – I’ve been chucked in at the deep end and was coming out with decent grades from the get-go. I was finally challenging myself and studying drama as I’d always wanted to do.

Anyway, back to sixth form. At this point, I’d only been studying Drama for four years but I was loving it. I was getting good grades and loved every aspect of the course. It was approaching the time where we had to apply for UCAS and choose what we wanted to study and at this point, studying ICT at A Level had killed my passion for it and made me realise it wasn’t what I wanted to study where as studying Drama at A Level had only increased my passion for it and made me want to continue – it was time to start looking at studying drama at university! This made sense. However, I knew that I was no where near good enough for an acting school – it wasn’t my passion to achieve a place at one of these as for me, drama isn’t just about the acting. My passion existed in every aspect of the genre. After a while I had my four universities lined up: De Montfort University, Staffordshire University, Bishop Grosseteste University, University of Derby (which I applied for two on two separate courses). After a while I received invitations from all universities: I went to De Montfort University for an open day (never an interview for my course), I went to Derby University (for an interview and small look around) and then finally Bishop where I went to countless open days and my interview – I knew this was the place. I was that confident that I dropped Staffordshire and the others – I had BGU as my firm and Derby as my insurance. Receiving an unconditional offer from both. As fate would have it, I got my grades and before you knew it, I was starting Bishop Grosseteste University – and the rest of the story, well, you know!

So, how did I know my course was right for me?

Well, during the process of finding a course I went to a university fair at Loroughborough University – I aimed to speak to all the univeristies I was interested in – all of them replied with the same thing “Read the prospectus”… I’d already done this? I wanted more information, none of which they could give me. Then I came across BGU and the girl on the stall actually studied Drama and I spoke to her for half an hour about my course – straight away, BGU was on my radar. From there, I went to an open door. The minute I arrived I turned around to my mum and said “This is the place, this is where I want to study, I know it is”. The campus was small and homely, it was beautiful and all so easy to navigate around – the city centre was a 5-10 minute walk around and everything was so easily accessible. Not to mention it was an easy one hour drive from home. After attending the open day – I later attended my interview for my course. In which I had countless interviews and then at the end of the day, spoke with the lead of the course and other potential students. After this, I knew it was everything I was looking for.

The course I was looking at was of course ‘Drama in the Community’. As mentioned before, I wasn’t looking for a drama school because I’m not a fantastic actor but this university could cater for my skills and continually improve them whilst teaching my new things. It wasn’t souly on the acting – it was a lot of learning the ‘community’ aspect of it. Learning to work with different ability groups from various communities, learning new skills and learning to study new cultures and their techniques. I knew this course was where I’d thrive. The tutor was lovely and was always at hand to talk to. Originally I applied for “Education Studies and Applied Drama” – after my interview, I emailed the tutor and immediately changed to the course I’m doing now. Now I’m writing it, it’s difficult to explain why this course was for me because at the end of the day… “I just knew”. This course was everything that I was looking for. Everything in my head that I’d been thinking had been brought to life in this course. Everyone was friendly, the university was lovely and as I’ve said, I knew it’s where I wanted to be. I wanted to live here and I wanted to study here.

I choose my course because at the end of the day, it felt right. I didn’t care about statistics or what they were achieving or where they were ranked because this university fitted to me. It’s what I wanted. I knew it’d do right by me.

Many people see my course as a ‘Micky Mouse’ course and this angers me, entirely. Just because they think their degree is worth more, they think they have the right to criticise my course – let me put it in a way I tweeted the other day:

“If I ever hear anyone refer to my degree as a ‘Micky Mouse’ course, I will kick you in the teeth, I’d love you to see what we have to do.”

Maybe a little harsh, but it’s the truth. Other people think my course it easy but I can guarantee 99% of people wouldn’t be able to survive doing what we did. It takes a special kind of person to study what we do and it takes a certain amount of passion. This is an argument I’d quite happily have now, but honestly, it isn’t worth it at this point.

Everybody chooses their course because it’s their passion – apart from others who do it because they’ve been pressured into it by their parents etc but at the end of the day, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and nobody has the right to question or criticise that decision.

Well, I certainly went off point a bit here!

All in all, this is why I choose the course I am currently studying. Purely because it felt right and I knew then and there it is what I wanted to do.

Always follow your passion and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

As I’ve said, from this point, you know the rest of the story!


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New experiences, more lessons, more of the journey.

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

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It’s not 2016 yet, but, the point still stands. It’s nearly over, so, it’s time to finally write. I’ve been gone for a while, why? Let me explain.

Obviously when I started this blog back up it was summer. Therefore, I had a lot of time to write and a lot of time to keep up to date with my posts.

As I was beginning my second year and I moved into the house, again, I was posting often and I intended to keep going so therefore there would be regular content on the site ready to read whenever, however, what I didn’t intend on was the landslide of work that second year would bring.

Therefore, this is the reason I haven’t been posting.

The reason I decided to post this tonight was purely down to the fact that WordPress emailed me about my “2015 in Review” and seeing it made me realised how much I posted in 2015 and then suddenly stopped – therefore, what have I been doing?

As I said, I got stuck under a landslide of work that second year had to offer to me. I’ve been working on three different modules, all of which were fairly interesting. For the millionth time, for those of you that don’t know – don’t remember – or don’t care, I study Drama in The Community up in Lincoln and have been studying the following modules:

  • Shakespeare (From Page to Stage)
  • Contemporary Theatre
  • Interdisciplinary Module

All of which have been interesting, knowledgable and engaging… if not exhausting. Shakespeare has been the most challenging. Especially learning the language and putting it to performance but it was extremely fun. No matter how stressful the process was.

Contemporary was equally interesting. It was all about finding out and reading up on Contemporary playwrights, exploring the history behind it and then choosing a contemporary playwright and then creating a presentation around that playwright with extracts from their plays as well as commentary about their life.

The interdisciplinary module has been my second favourite module to study, down to the fact it’s been a mixture of different areas of the arts. Specially, theatre arts. We’ve gone into Site Specific, Social and Political, Therapeutic, Educational and Corporate Theatre – all with different lecturers and learning through different workshops – combined with theory.

On top of all of this I had multiple assignments and assessments to support all of them… and currently, two portfolios – which I should be doing now – but no, I’m writing this instead… it’s not like I want that degree or anything.

Moving on from university, I’ve been working at the same time. I worked the Lincoln Christmas Market – which, if you don’t know, is extremely busy. Therefore, imagine the fun I had.

Now, as all of you are preparing for crazy nights out or nights in celebrating your family… I am preparing for an early night because I have work at 12pm until… well, I don’t know what time. I’ll be welcoming the New Year in at work, yippie to me!

For now, I hope you have all had a fantastic 2015 and I hope you all have a wonderful 2016. I will be attempting to post more as 2016 starts.

Guest Writers: Lorna Zurek / A New Beginning

Beginning, First Year, Freshers, Guest, New, Social, Student, Students, University, Work, Writers

Lorna is about to start her first year at De Montfort University in Leicester studying Social Work. Please welcome her first article.

A New Beginning

A new beginning. What exactly is a new beginning? There are so many different perceptions on ‘new beginnings’. Is it leaving everything behind and running away to a new place starting a new life or is it just simply just waking up one morning and feeling like today your going to start again and try to figure out new goals?
I think a new beginning is different to every individual.

My new beginning is University.
Words cant describe how scared I am, but at the same time very…excited?
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be moving so far away from my hometown, my family or my friends. It scares me to think that I’m living in a city I’ve never really spent much time in, on my own, without my family. I need my family beside me and i’m terrified to be doing this ‘alone’.

My grandma has been my rock for 12 years and it not only scares me to leave, it scares me that i’m leaving her. All she has done throughout her life, is raise her own children and then me when my mum passed. It’s going to make her so proud to be my grandma knowing i’m going to university and making a better life for myself, but it’s also going to tear her apart and i’m terrified to see that happen. I can’t bare to see my grandma in tears because she feels like she is losing her last child. Feeling lost and not knowing what her purpose in life is anymore but she’s strong. Families are strong.

If you’re going to university, or just moving away, starting a new job, getting your own house. Whatever it may be. Your families are strong and they may be sad for a few days, weeks or months, but a time will come when the floods of sad tears turn into tsunami’s of fiery, great-hearted, proud tears. This will be the moment when you finally know that it’s okay to have new beginnings because even if they don’t work out, you still tried. you showed bravery, initiative and commitment. And isn’t that what uni is all about? Being brave to leave home and become independent. Showing initiative towards your course and being committed to it, to your new lifestyle and to your peers as well as your assignments. The whole point of a new beginning is to test your limits, to see how far you’re willing to go to make yourself a better person or a better life.

A new beginning.

It allows you to see your own strengths and not just your weaknesses.
It gives you chance to stand in the spotlight and saying i’m doing it.
To allow you time to succeed in something your heart is attached to.

But most of all…


So to new beginnings.
To my first year at university starting in September. I thank you.
I thank you for giving me this chance to better myself, to be my own person and to test my willingness. You are allowing me to change my life and make something out of it.
yes. I am terrified of you. However I’m also deeply in love with you and your concept.

To everyone taking new steps into new beginnings whether its university or not. Just go for it. Just in to the deep end and if you struggle to swim, take it a little slower. Do not give up! After all, if it was something that you couldn’t do, you wouldn’t be given the chance to do it in the first place. University is that start of your life. It’s where you truly realise who you are and what your meaning on earth is. Mine is to be a social worker.
The best of the best. I’ll keep working my arse off until I reach that goal.

So keep working your arse off until you reach yours. Whatever that may be.
Because, my friend, you’re incredible and your new beginning, is just round the corner.