Entires ’16/’17

Lee Carnihan – 7 Steps to Successful Student House Shares

Please welcome my first Guest Writer of 2016 – Lee Carnihan, giving you seven steps to a successful student house share.

Alex Cairns – Student Cooking

Welcome another Guest Writer of 2016, Alex Cairns and her article on cooking when starting university.

Lee Carnihan – Tops Tips Every Student Should Know When Buying A Car

Lee Carnihan is back with another article – this tip passing on some advice for students in regards to buying a car!

Lee Carnihan – Secret Santa for Cash-Strapped Students

Lee Carnihan returns with an article as we approach the festive season with suggests on doing secret Santa when you’re strapped for cash!

Lee Carnihan – 5 Ways To Make A Student House A Home

Carnihan returns with an article about how to make a student house, a home, without breaking the bank.

Beth Pembrook – Is Work Experience During Uni Actually Essential?

Welcome Beth Pembrook, a new guest writer for my blog and she tackles the subject of whether or not work experience is actually essential during university.

Lee Carnihan – A Few Good Tips For Students Buying a Motorbike

A 2017 submission from our continuing Guest Writer, Lee Carnihan, around giving tips for students buying a motorbike.

Lee Carnihan – How to Create the Perfect Home Studio on a Budget

Lee Carnihan writes this article informing you how to create the perfect home studio on a budget.


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