Entries ’14/’15

Guest Writers: Lorna Zurek / A New Beginning

Lorna’s article is all about new beginnings and her thoughts and feelings towards the next chapter in her life as she goes onto study at De Montfort Univeristy in Leicester studying Social Work. 

Guest Writers: Charley Murdoch / Living At Home During University

Charley’s article is all about her personal experiences with living at home during her first year at university whilst studying at Bishop Grosseteste in Lincoln.

Guest Writers: Daniel Taylor-Brown / Bits & Bobs!

Daniel’s article is about his own personal hints and tips, personal experience and as he puts it, bits and bobs!

Guest Writers: JustMoll / Peer Pressure at Uni.

JustMoll’s article is about peer pressure whilst at university, or educational environment. 

Guest Writers: JustMoll / Making Friends at University.

JustMoll returns with her second article to this WordPress with her top five tips about how to make friends at university.

Guest Writers: Andre Roussimoff / A Level Help

Andre Roussimoff enters the Guest Writer section with their first article on A Level Help, although, can apply to all areas of education.

Guest Writers: Luke Glassford / Students Contents Insurance

Luke Glassford enters the Guest Writng section with his article all about useful information regarding ‘Student Content Insurance’.

More content to follow.


2 thoughts on “Entries ’14/’15

  1. **All Research workers are Students**
    We welcome all sorts of submissions (Thesis, projects, short communications, Images, poetry, stories, Innovative thought and so on from students….)


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