GS 2O17 – 12/06/2017

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Good Evening Readers,

Here I am again, keeping to my writing schedule in order to keep some continuity to my blog and something steady for my readers – therefore, I hope you are appreciating the new content that I am trying to keep up with! The one downside is, my life is not that exciting at the moment!

As I have just said, my life is not that interesting at the moment. I have a lot of the things in the pipelines ready to get going, but… it is just getting to them! One thing, unfortunately, one of the jobs I got shortlisted for, I did not get in the end. Therefore, the search continues, however, my first ‘working day’ on Campus was a success!

On Saturday I had a 9-5 shift working on Campus as a moderator and it was a good success! It was a bit of a quiet day, but there were a few active members that I spoke with and I managed to get loads of content posted on the site. As well as watching a few films throughout the day, so all in all, it was a good day and I am looking forward to my next shift!

I ALWAYS RECEIVED MY ‘VERIFIED’ BADGE ON MY PROFILE TODAY. It is only something small, but I enjoy it! I feel like I valued member of the workforce now!

Anyway, for now…


Jesus, I do not actually have a story for you, let me think!

OKAY! I have one, only a small one. This leads on from the fact I was at my mates birthday party last night. Now, I went to this friends birthday party a few years ago and it was the first time I’d ever really met his parents. This is important to the story!

At this party, I had drunk a little too much and was not feeling 100% okay. I was drunk, okay? I was drunk. Also at this party, there was a fire pit and over the party, I couldn’t help but ‘take control’ of the fire. Long story short, I looked like Gollum guarding the ring.

At one point during the party, my friend’s mum attempting to come over and put some wood on the fire… I shouted at her. I literally shouted at her and told her it was my fire and she could not touch it. First time meeting her, and I shouted at her.

However, all she did, was simply walk over to the music player and put the song ‘Firestarter’ by ‘The Prodigy’. Then, all she did was laugh at me and agree that it was my fire.

Therefore luckily, I was off the hook! Everyone did laugh at me though!

Well, there it is!

Until the next post!

GS 2017 – 09/06/2017

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Good Afternoon Readers,

As promised, I am continuing with my ‘Graduate Summer’ collection of writing. Today’s subject was decided upon using a poll on ‘Campus Society’ in which I provided the following options;

  • My Past Couple of Days
  • The Election / My £210 Bet
  • Story Time (Random Story)
  • Other 

Following the results of that, I am going to combine two. I will write about my last couple of days and link it with a little story. At this point and time of my writing, I’m still yet to decide on what story that will be, but, we shall see!

We shall start with the past couple of days. As you know from one of my recent articles, I have been back home in Leicester. Due in part to going to London to visit Campus and also wanting to see my family, however, I had to come back to Lincoln yesterday to vote. I have not had an exciting life, to say the least at the moment. I helped out my parents with some work the other day and earned some money, then yesterday I drove back to Lincoln, voted and spent most of my evening watching the Election. After a while, I realised I’d tuned out of what was being said and just focusing on the bottom of the screen watching the seats being taken. Thrilling. I had to give up watching it in the end.

HOWEVER, the last couple of days have been dominated by something else… something that was advertised to ‘take over our summer’… and yes, you would be right in guessing that ‘Love Island’ has returned to our screens! I definitely have an unhealthy obsession with that programme. It is one of those that I refuse to miss, I have to watch every episode! I’m enjoying this year contestants and the drama is already heating up. I have my opinions on all of them but I won’t go into detail on that in this post as I would end up going on and on and on!

With this in mind though, this leads me to a story that happened just last night!


Right, so, I’d returned to Lincoln and quickly informed my housemates that we HAD to watch Love Island as I had not missed an episode and I wanted to continue that streak. At the same time, I wanted them to share in the delight that is Love Island and become as obsessed as I am around this FANTASTIC show!

So there I am, ready and waiting for Love Island to start at 9 pm on ITV2. Patiently waiting. I’ve gone to the toilet, I’ve gone for a cigarette and now I am comfy on the sofa. My roommate then plugs in her soup maker… which blows ALL the electrics in the kitchen/front room and yes, you guessed it, this meant the TV died. Full. Blown. Panic. The fuse had blown in the plug meaning it tripped the rest of the electrics in the house. Therefore, it was me to the rescue in a blind panic as I attempted not to miss Love Island. This was at like 8:58 pm – so yeah, you can imagine my panic. I ran to the fuse box, expecting to see that the main fuse had been tripped, it had not. PANIC. After fiddling with it for a while I managed to rest the fuse box and then change the fuse in soup makers plug and get everything back up and running – having only missed two minutes of Love Island.

Everything was okay. I managed to finish watching the programme without any more interruptions.

So yeah, that’s my exciting little life during my graduate summer!

JustGeorgeJ’s Little Adventure in Big London!

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Hello Readers,

As many of you know, today I traveled down to London to visit the offices of Campus Society. It has been a day… I can tell you that. It has been a lot of traveling, a lot of new experiences and very tiring. However, all in all, it has been extremely fun! 

As I write this article, I am on the train back to Leicester. Luckily, I managed to get a seat next to the window and facing the direction the train is actually going. As I travel home and record the standard “fields passing me by bit” for my YouTube vlog, I’m left reflecting on my little journey and the day as a whole!

Before I talk about today, I believe it is important to mention the recent, horrific, events that have happened in the U.K. including London. Unless you are a complete shut away and hermit (which in this day and age, I would not blame you) you shall know of the events that occurred in Manchester and London. If you do not know, in Manchester there was a terrorist attack involving an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert and then a couple of days ago, a terrorist attack involving a van and stabbings in London. It is fair to say, the world has been a scary place as of late. Therefore, it was no surprise I was nervous about traveling to London today. My anxiety was going crazy. I come from Leicester and Lincoln, sure, crime happens but nothing on the scale of terrorist attacks so it was difficult to decide whether I was going to go somewhere where tensions were high and venture into a city that is on high alert. I was on the fence, to say the least, I kept changing my mind. What set it in stone (the decision to go) was watching the One Love concert in Manchester last night. Following what happened at Grande’s gig, she did a charity concert with a collection of famous singers and musicians and much more to raise money for the victims and families of the tragedy. Witnessing what I did, as I watched it live on TV, was outstanding. It was clear to see that no matter what, as a country, we are defiant in the face of chaos and terrorism. They attempt to tear us apart and strike fear into our hearts and alter our values and way of life but all we do is throw a big ass concert and have a bloody good time! We are strong. We are resilient. We are united. With this in mind, I decided the fear was not going to stop me and the decision was made, I was going to London.

Today, I woke up at 9 am and proceeded to get ready for the exciting day ahead. Now, first I should let you into a story as to why I am so against public transport…

Back in my first-year summer, my car had to be fixed and therefore, to travel to Lincoln, I had to go on the train. This would be the first time I’d EVER been on a train on my own! (Weird, right?). This meant I had to book my tickets, navigate the station and all the rest. Long story short, when collecting my RETURN tickets from the machine at the station… I only collected the Outward bound tickets and believed this was everything I needed. Therefore, on the way back, I had no ticket. I couldn’t afford another to get back. Luckily, my friend drove me back. If not, I’d have still been there to this day.  (Literally) (Not literally).

… so now you understand why I was nervous about my journey. Anywho, I got myself ready and had to be at Leicester train station for 11:45, my train left at 12:00. By a miracle, I managed to get ALL my tickets I needed, navigate to the platform and get on the train without any help. #Achievement #AdultLife #NailedIt ! Ahead of me was an hours train journey to St.Pancras station – the journey was nice. However, someone was in my reserved seat… so, in a typically British way, I didn’t bother the man and simply sat with him. I soon realised I was sitting in a position so I’d be going backward when the train moved. Seeing as I get travel sick, this was not good. You’re probably thinking “you could have just moved seat”, oh no, no my dear friends! My anxiety does not allow for that, I was fully committed to sitting with this man and his girlfriend. I was in it for the long run. In my head, moving would have offended him and made me look weird. However, I survived the journey and did not puke.

Once I reached the station, I had to navigate to the tube. Which I had NEVER been on. I had NO idea how it worked. (This seemed to offend a lot of Londoners which I encountered today). I just started to mindlessly follow signs for “UNDERGROUND”, that seemed to be a good idea. I knew that I had to be on the Picadilly Westbound tube to get to Knightsbridge and luckily, three lovely police offers who were extremely approachable helped me out. Once on the tube, I managed to get myself to Knightsbridge and finally to the building I needed. Honestly, it may not sound a lot to you seasoned travelers but the whole thing for me was a miracle. The fact I actually got where I needed to be is a pure miracle.

As mentioned previously I was off to the offices of Campus Society. Campus Society is a social media website for students both nationally and internationally. If you have not already, check it out here. At this stage, I do not want to say too much about why I was at Campus Society but I will say it is an exciting opportunity! I’ll keep you all updated on this as time goes on!

After my team of meeting the Campus crew and getting shown around, my time had passed before I knew it, and it was time to meet a friend before getting some food. After a successful second tube trip, we ended up in Five Guys – catching up and having a nice time. From there, we went for coffee before I had to catch my train back to Leicester at 7:15 pm. Then, from there, long story short, I arrived back in Leicester and was home safe and sound!

And this is my day to London! (How many times can I say the word London?)

There is a lot of exciting news to update you all on soon and a lot going on in my life! Slowly but surely I will catch you all up and let you know what is going on but until then I hope you enjoyed reading this account of my day out and keep an eye out for this space where I will be posting the link to my vlog all about the footage I recorded today!

Goodnight readers!

GS 2017 – 01/06/2017

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my slightly altered articles – well, more like journal entries if you will.

Seeing as I have finished my three year undegraduate degree, I no longer have articles to write you about my third year and to be honest, I did not want this blog to just go unused from now on. Therefore, I’ve started these entries. Let me explain the title first;

‘GS 2017 – 01/06/2017’

  • GS – ‘Graduate Summer’; all article entries around my journies throughout my ‘graduate summer’ will be titled with this ‘GS’ at the beginning.
  • 2017 – ‘The Year’; I feel that was self explanatory, oh well!
  • 01/06/2016 – ‘The Date’; Self explanatory again, but obviously, this will change depending on the article.

Well, there you go. That was quick, a very quick explanation of my new titles. Hopefully you understand and we can move on… you have? Good!

Right, so, now you’re asking; “What are these entries going to tell us?”.

My GS articles are going to document both exciting and non-exciting days throughout my summer. This could be simply what I have done in a day, a random thought I have had during a day and so on. At the moment, these will be leading up to my graduation on the 20th July 2017 when I will officially graduate from Bishop Grosseteste University. After that, it will more than likely document my journey through summer as I attempt to save up money and allow myself to actually live next year.

Onto this entry!

Let me tell you a story;

Today, I was offered my absolute dreamjob. I cannot say what it is or who offered me the job for specific reasons… also those of which I cannot discuss, but, nevermind! The job would have required me to move to London to work full time, however, due to already having my Masters in place for September at the University of Lincoln, I am unable to take this job.

NOT TO FRET because the same place offered me another job in which it allows me to work from home part-time. Great right? I know! It allows me to continue pursing one of my biggest dreams and allow me to make some money doing something I absolutely love. (I’d do it for free if I’m honest with you, but, do not let them hear me say that!). Now, things are starting to look up for me!

Alongside this, I’ve also been shortlisted for a couple of jobs in my city which means, my financial worries should, hopefully, be on their way to being sorted out. Like I said, everything is looking up.

Now for my day;

As I mention in my previous post ‘The Post-Uni Slump‘ I have not done a lot since I have finished university. To be honest with you, I have felt a little lost. However, as of today, I’ve actually been productive. After the amazing news I received today, it sort of gave me a bit of life back and made me want to be active and do something! What did I do? I did some gardening. Yes, I like to actually take ownership of my student house, you should to! I cut the hedge back, BIG TIME. It looks a lot neater now. I then planted some flowers my mum had bought for me in one of our little flower beds and all that is left to do is clear up the other flower bed. Follow that, I went to Aldi and did a shop with my housemates and then cooked a very simple chicken dish with sweet and sour sauce. With rice. It was actually fairly tasted. I do like to take ownership and pride in my cooking as well.


Now I am sat at my Mac doing some work over on Campus Society. If you do not know what this is, it’s basically a social platform for students. It’s where students can blog or share their blogs, join channels around various topics and chat about everything and anything. Imagine your societies at university, then imagine them alone, combined with talking to students from all over the world.

Find my profile here.

As for today, that is it for this first ‘new’ post!

Thank you for reader!


The Post-Uni Slump

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Afternoon Readers,

I’m going to be honest this life after university is not all I expected it to be. Do not get me wrong, the life of knowing that I do not have any work looming over me is very glorious and free, but, at the same time, it is also very boring and I do not know what to really do with myself. Therefore, let’s talk about the post-uni slump!

I’ve been finished university around a week now and I can tell you now, I have not done much in that time. To be honest, most days/nights I have been out drinking celebrating the end of my journey, however, there is also so long you can go with ignoring the fact that a significant part of your life has come to an end and unfortunately, it comes the time you have to say goodbye to people that have become like a second family to you and grow and move on with your life. It’s not enjoyable, it’s an inevitability. Again, do not get me wrong, there are the people that you will stay close with and see often, but, there are still lose that go in their own direction and it is upsetting.

For me, personally, I’ve always fallen into a ‘slump’ at the end of the various stages of my educational journey. Be it the end of GCSE or Sixth Form, I have always this slump. I normally stay in it for one-two weeks (all of summer) and then carry on once I find something to occupy myself with.

It is a weird state to be in, especially where I am now, no longer a student at one university and waiting to be a student at another. I am aiming to use this summer as an opportunity to earn some money and get some money beyond me in hopes that I will be financially stable when it comes to my next academic year. Luckily, I have been shortlisted for a job and currently waiting for an interview at said job, if all goes well, I will have a job that I shall be happy at and getting this money behind me!

On another note, I also feel guilty for doing nothing. In actuality I should not feel that way at all, I have worked non-stop for three years and put a lot of work into my degree, so, I do deserve a couple of weeks break where I just do nothing. At the same time, I feel guilty due to the fact that I seem to have lost my passion for writing. Obviously, I run this blog and various other social medias and I feel like I should keep my work up to standard and regular for my readers, but, it is really hard to find the time and passion for sitting down and writing.

If I’m being honest, I’m struggling for topics, especially for this blog. I have written for this blog over a hundred times now, I’ve repeated past posts and I’ve provided various experiences and advice, however, I feel like I’ve hit a wall with this blog. This saddens me as I do not want this blog to come to an end, hopefully, it will not. I should start working on my blog ‘The MA Life’ and document my preparations for that course… however, I have no idea what to write about, again. Now you understand, the slump.

Ironically, as most people, I’m most motivated at 3 am. When I get into bed at night and attempt to relax and fall to sleep, my mind is firing at 100mph with ideas, motivations, dreams, goals and more – however, by the morning, they’ve disappeared as quick as the sleep I was longing for.

EXCITING NEWS… as I was writing this article entry I had a phone call and it was a telephone interview for a different job as opposed to the one mentioned above. It went really well and the prospects of that look promising!

All in all, this university slump will pass but I wanted to share this article for you to let you know it is a natural way of feeling after you’ve finished university. Even if that feeling makes you believe that you’re lost or that your university journey feels pointless etc, whatever it is, it is natural. You will get out of the slump and you will keep on pushing!

Good luck to all those that have not finished yet, keep pushing, work hard and watch it pay off! It is nearly over soon, best of luck!

Life Without Uni

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Good Evening Readers,

As you can tell from the title of this article, I am going to write about what it is like to go back to life without university… it’s interesting, to say the least.

It’s been a couple of days since I finished university, well, since I finished the last of my work. I’ll have officially finished university once I’ve graduated, in my eyes anyway. However, so far, I’ve had a couple of days of doing nothing… literally, nothing. Before I could do nothing and I knew that I still actually had university work to do so I knew deep down that I could be doing something, even if I wasn’t. Though now, I literally have nothing to do… I have no work to prepare for, no next year of university to look forward too… well, I do. I have my Masters but due to the fact I don’t know what that will entail yet, I do not know how I can begin to prepare for that. Therefore, I just have to sit around and wait.

What have I done with my past few days? Not an awful lot. At the minute, I am job hunting. I am desperately attempting to find some sort of job that will allow me to work through summer and save up a bit of money so I can actually afford to live throughout next year. However, that is proving extremely difficult. No matter where I apply too or what I apply for, I am just not successful and therefore, it’s an ongoing battle to actually find something. Hopefully, something will come up.

I would love to be able to tell you that finishing university and leaving all that stress of assignments and exams behind is glorious… but from what I’ve experienced so far, it isn’t. It’s both calming and unsettling that I’ve finished and I’m still adjusting to it. I think as stressful and challenging as university has been, it also has been a major learning curve and one hell of a life experience and it’s weird that it’s all over – I don’t really know what to do with myself. Like most things, at the beginning of the journey, three years seemed like years, it felt like a lifetime when it reality it went by in the blink of an eye. I do not really want it to end but I know I’ve got to move onto bigger and better things.

Bigger and better things would be my Masters…. something I can not stop thinking about and something I am excited for, I just wish I could be more prepared, however.


One Week Left

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Good Afternoon Readers,

Yes! This is it. This is the ‘one week countdown’ of my undergraduate degree ,if you’d like. Technically, at this point, I have a presentation on Wednesday and then my last deadline is on the 22nd of this month, however, I’ve already completed it and just waiting to submit it. Therefore, after Wednesday, I am done! So, there is one week left!

It’s weird to think that in a weeks time I will no longer have any work to do at Bishop Grosseteste University. I’ve studied here for three years and it’s suddenly all coming to an end. It’s gone by in the blink of an eye.

All I can do now is wait for my grades to come back and graduation and see where I end up! An exciting thing though… I’ve applied to be a Student Orator for my graduation! This basically means that I’ll make a closing speech at one of the four graduation ceremonies which is extremely terrifying whilst at the same time exciting! I really do hope I get one of the roles, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!

With one week left I am basically preparing for my presentation…. he says whilst preparing for a night out tonight. As a few cities do, we have a night out called ‘Propaganda’ and tonight is the last one of the university term… I plan to not rememeber the night. I am definitely going to use it as a stress reflief that I definitely deserve!

On top of this, I am attempting to get a job for summer, set plans for my Masters and work on my blogs! I also need to make a good effort on my Bucket List this summer! There is a lot I want to do this summer.

Anyway, like I said, I’m pretty much attempting to deal with the idea that university is coming to an end. It’s crazy and I really cannot get my head round it!

So… here’s to my last week!


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Good Afternoon Readers,

The title of this article is plain and simple: ‘University’. I am surprised, if I am being honest, that I have never written an article titled ‘university’. Sure, a lot of my articles have featured the word university but, I have never titled one ‘university’. Here we are!

University, what a journey it has been.

Before I started my university career, all I knew of this type of education was that it could be the next step in my educational career if I wanted it to be and if I worked hard enough for it. I did not really understand what it was, what it entailed or what it meant. I just knew it was something that I would be working towards. When I was finally in the sixth form, I had to make the choice. MORAL DILEMMA. Do I go onto an apprenticeship? Do I get a job? Do I go to university? Obviously, in the end, I went with university. However, I originally intended to do Computer Science as I had studied hard and come out with good grades during my ICT course but, Drama was my passion and calling and this is what I ended up doing – as we all know!

From there, we all know the story of my first, second and third year! I bet you are now wondering, “well, what are you going to write about tonight?”. That is a good question! To be honest with you, I have no bloody clue myself! I tell a lie, I do have a rough idea. Therefore, I’ll carry on and we shall see where we end up.

University for me has been an experience and a half. It has had it’s highs and lows. It’s positive and negatives. It’s happy times and sad times and so on and so fourth. It’s been a rollercoaster. It has been a juggling act! That is most definitely the most accurate term to use. University has definitely changed me in many ways, then again, other parts of me are stubborn and have not changed. Friends have come and gone, so have relationships – though, those that matter are still here at the end of the journey. My eyes have been opened to study I did not previously know and opportunities have been given to me to do some amazing things. University has not only gave me academic experience but also life experience. Sure, sometimes university was absolutely terrible but there were times when nothing could be better than it. I have had times where I drank all the time and then others were I was sober for weeks on end. I’ve had moments where I did all my work weeks before it was due and then other times when I handed it in the day before. I’ve had times when I’ve been completely in the dark about a subject and then others where I knew the most on a subject. I’ve had moments where I have been proud of my work and others were I’m disappointed in myself because I could have done better. I’ve made some memories for life that I will cherish forever and then there is times that I am trying to forget and would prefer never to think about again. There has been times when I’ve been completely motivated by university and eager to go to a lecture and then others where I’ve taken days off just to stay in bed. There has also been times when I’ve wanted to help everybody and anybody on my course with their work and then times when I just wanted to focus on my own. I’ve had moments where I thrived being independent and being away from home and being able to do what I want, where as there has also been times when I would have given anything to be back at home in comfort with my family. There has most certainly been occassions where I am financially stable (as much as you can be as student) and other times where I am having a complete breakdown about money. I’ve had jobs come and go when I’ve needed extra money and times when I haven’t had to work. I’ve gone through times when I’ve wanted to volunteer to go everything and taken too much on and times when I’ve turned away amazing opportunities. There has been the classic situations where I have worked myself to the bone in 24 hours and times when I’ve spread it out. I’ve experienced eating like a king for a good few weeks and moments when I’ve struggled to find a decent meal at all. I’ve had moments where I’ve been on top of the world and confident and then I’ve had the opposite where I am scared and terrified to do anything. I’ve had moments where all I’ve wanted to do is be at university and those when I’ve wanted to drop out altogether. I’ve experienced feelings of being utterly social and saying yes to everything and other times where I am a complete introvert and just wanted my own company. I’ve had times where I’ve chased my dreams and future and others where I’ve completely gave up on them. I have been happy and sad simultaneously. I’ve been angry and calm together. I’ve been positive and negative. I’ve been everything and anything all at once. I’d argue I’ve been at the highest point in student life and at the lowest – arguably at the same time sometimes. I’ve been inexperienced as a student and I’ve become a hardened (nearly veteran) of a student. I came into student life with misconceptions that I tried to live by only to discover I needed to discover it for myself.

I’ve come to realise ‘student life’ is a unique experience that you can not really experience anywhere else. It’s like a teenagers life smashed together with a working life. You are working 24/7 towards a degree but still manage to go out and achieve the mother of all hangovers. It’s having to take full responsibility for your life but at the same time, having no responsibility at all. It’s still enjoying life as a ‘teen’ but having to make pretty serious decisions as an adult. It’s everything you never imaged it could be whilst being nothing like you ever thought it would be.

‘Student Life’ and ‘University’ are unique to everyone, personally. Sure, there are the same generalised situations and feelings that we all experience but they are still unique to everybody. Every student experiences student life differently and they will all only ever be summed up as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘successful’ or ‘unsuccessful’. Society often views student life has a drugged up, alochol fuelled time of study but that’s the stereotype. Student life is in a bubble from the rest of society and unless you are living it, you will never understand the hardships of being a student. Volunterarily going into debt, volunterarily moving out and being independent, accepting that at this point you are not guaranteed a job no matter what you do but desperate to stay in education because it is the next logical step. For 18 years we are told to sit down, shut up and listen and learn and then expected to make one of the most important decisions of our life. Continue in school or go to work. Then, it’s all go from there. University and student life is a transitional period that anybody on the outside does not understand. It’s a struggle. It’s mentally and physically testing in every aspect of those meanings. Some soon find out that they aren’t ready for it or can’t handle it where as others just keep trudging through the challenges of this life, then there are those that seem to sail through it. No matter how it appears on the outside, everybody struggles with student life at some point.

As a student you will always face a judgement at some point. Whether that’s being judged for the course you study, the way you study that course, the way in which you live or act – whatever it is, you’ll face it because no matter what you did, someone isn’t going to approve of this life you have chosen. You’ll change mentally and physically – you’ll lose weight, you’ll gain weight. You’ll get into debt with various banks, friends or even family. You’ll experiene a ‘student breakdown’ of questioning everything. No matter what though, whatever you experience, you will keep fighting and living this ‘student life’.

From what I’ve learned, I could write a million and one articles providing hints and tips, advice and my own experiences but at the end of the day, they are just words on a screen. Nothing more. They are just words of one student. At the end of the day, student life needs to be lived to be learned. There is no other way and being honest, despite whatever I’ve written in the past, there is no way you can be prepared for it. As I’ve said, every experience is different and unique.

Though, one thing is for certain. No matter what happens during student life, what you study, who you make friends with (or don’t), whatever you decide to do… students always stick together and to be honest, we need too. It’s becoming more of a challenge to be a student. It’s becoming more expensive, more challenge and all at the same time, under appreciated. I truly believe when you pass your degree you should get your degree in the subject you’ve studied and one for surviving student life because, it’s an experience in itself and does train you to survive the world in ways you never thought you could.

So… here we are again, one students words on a screen.

This is university.


Finding Houses & Paying Rent

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Good Afternoon Readers,

Today’s article is all about finding a student house and paying rent – which at some point, the majority of us have to do! Oppose to those living at home throughout university. For those of us who move out, firstly, you have halls, but this article is for those who have to look for a student house whether that be in the first year, second year or third year!

I began looking for a student house near the end of my First Year in preparation for my Second Year and I immediately turned to ‘Rightmove’ and not just the normal Rightmove. Believe it or not, they have a whole website dedicated to students looking for houses! Fantastic, right?

When approaching the ‘house search’, I did not really have an idea where to start. I was just blindly looking at houses and prices… also being drawn in by the pictures (which I shouldn’t have been) and going from there. So, what changed? Nothing much to be honest!

Long story short, myself and my friends found our house… and then later we found another! So, here are some tips about house hunting:

  • Get some options!

When looking, look everywhere! In most cities where they are universities, they are specific student letting agents and 99.9% of them will have a website, so get looking! Search for ‘student housing’ and add your city to the end and go from there, and like I said, Rightmove is always a place to look! Get yourself a little folder with a good amount of houses that you can look at!

  • Don’t rely on pictures!

Pictures can look all well and good, but sometimes, they are not an accurate depiction of what the house and it’s rooms can look like. Therefore, you need to book viewings! It does not matter how many you book, book lots and have a look around – then when you are there, take your own pictures! You’ll be surprised what you find. The nicest pictures can turn out to be the most horrible of houses and the pictures that do not make it look nice can turn out to be horrible! This is why house viewings are important!

  • All bills included!

This is not something you need to 100% look for, however, from personal experience, I’d suggest it. Both of the houses I’ve been in, all the bills have been included and it makes everything so much easier! Knowing you only have to pay rent and everything is included in that makes life so much easier. There are houses where you pay rent and then bills are included on top of those and you usually pay it all around the same time, however, complications can arise in this way! This is why I suggest going all bills included!

  • Ask questions!

When you go to house viewings, ask questions! Ask about rent, ask about room size, if everybody pays the same for the rooms, how long is the contract, is there anything that is not allowed, what is allowed and so on and so fourth! Know your stuff!

  • Rooms!

When going into a house share,  an argument over rooms can occur and fall outs with your friends can be the result. It sounds silly, but it is true. When coming across a house, it’s important not to have a preference on a room. The fairest way to choose rooms is to flip a coin or pick straws – whatever you’ve got to do to fairly pick a room. Avoid fall outs at all times (especially before you’ve moved in).

  • Understand your contract!

It’s easy to get excited about getting a house, but it’s easy to overlook the contract and skip straight to signing it. Yes, I’ve done this. READ your contract and understand what you are signing on for. The term of the contract, what you are responsible for and so on and so fourth. Do not sign until everybody is confident they understand what they are signing. If you are confused by something, ask the landlord/letting agent!

  • Be happy with your house!

Make sure you aren’t settling for something you aren’t happy with! It’s meant to be a home away from home! Be comfortable and make sure you feel at home there. Maybe you need to choose a different area, a different kind of house – it could be anything, but be certain!

  • Rent!

Know when you have to pay your rent and make sure you can! Normally, with student houses, you can pay termly (like halls) or monthly. With termly, it’s pretty much as soon as your student finance comes in and you can pay out for a set amount of months and then not have to worry about it. Monthly – well, that’s self-explanatory! If you are struggling with money, talk to your landlord. You can be able to work out a different payment scheme with them that suits you!

  • Know your landlord!

With student houses, sometimes you’ll never see the landlord. They will own a few different student houses and leave it all down to the letting agent, therefore, know your letting agent! If you do get to talk to your landlord, be friendly, be kind and look after the house. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. They will respect you and be a lot more inclined to help you if you actually talk to them! I’ve done this with my past two landlords and they’ve been overly helpful!

These are just some of the tips I can offer you from my own personal experience!

Good luck with your own house hunting!


Why Drama?

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Good Evening Readers,

Tonight I thought I’d share with you the reason I actually got into drama. Well, more of the journey into my ‘drama’ life because, to be honest, it is a bit of a journey in itself. An unexpected one at that, so, here we go!

When I was growing up I was a very shy little bit. Up to the age of 14/15 I had no interest in the theatrical world. I wouldn’t speak, act or do anything in front of a crowd – that thought was terrifying. I was shy and also very quiet. I had no idea that I wanted to be involved in drama. I mean, by this age, the most I had done was perform in those small performances we used to do on a Friday afternoon at Primary School, however, I never thought much of them.

Then, one day, in Year 9 of Secondary School I found myself being put into a production of something called ‘A Midsummer Madness’. This was an adaption of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ written by the headmaster of the school. I didn’t audition for the role, one of my friends had gone up for a role and ended up not wanting to do it, therefore, I thought “why not”. I can’t explain to you why I thought this, I just did.

This performance was nothing massive – although, my role was fairly large. It included a lot of speaking directly to the audience which was surreal because as I said, I’d never really done this before. I believe we did 3 or 4 performances and that was it, that was over. No more drama.

Then it came to moving up to my final school where I would do my GCSE’s. This meant I was allowed to pick four subjects I wanted to choose. I chose Graphic Design, ICT, Art and  Business Studies. Yes, drama was not involved in the mix. I had noted it when looking through the options and thought about it but just didn’t end up going through with it. So, it had reached the time where the ‘two week window’ for transferring subjects had passed and it was nearing Christmas. One day, I decided I wanted to do drama. I just knew it was what I wanted to do and I knew I had made a mistake by not picking it. Therefore, I spoke to the drama teacher who gave me to go ahead and then spoke to the head of subject changes and they gave me the go ahead. Before you knew it, I was studying drama and getting some of the best grades in the class having picked up the other material pretty fast. It was finally the end of GCSE’s and I’d come out with a pretty good grade, so, guess what? I continued to study it at A Level and yeah, you guessed it, finally at degree level.

So, why Drama? As I said to you before, I sort of fell into it. My passion for it appeared out of no where and when I first started it, I used to tell people the same thing;

“It’s an opportunity to be anyone but myself. Be anywhere but here. Actually employ my emotions, feelings and thoughts and relay them through a character or a situation, bring it to life.”

This was how I truly felt – however, as my studies have gone on and I’ve gained experience and knowledge around the theatre world, that has slightly changed. I enjoy being able to be anybody but myself and channel the inner me through a character, but at the same time, I love seeing how theatre can create change, inspire people, change people and so on. I love all that drama encompasses and all that it can achieve. It’s just…. well, to someone on the outside, you’ll never understand, ever. Drama is all around you.

And yes, before you ask, I have had a lifetime (or what feels like a lifetime) of people saying;

“Oh, you do drama? Don’t you just stand around people a tree all day?” or

“Drama is pointless, what’s the point in studying that?”

And so on and so fourth. It’s been belittled, misunderstood and judged and to those people and anyone reading this that doubts the arts, do something for me…

Stop reading books, stop looking at art, stop listening to music, stop watching your favourite TV shows and your favourite films – just stop it all because these are the arts and without the arts, you wouldn’t have these things that you binge over. Open your eyes and culture yourself to what the arts actually is.

I’m a thespian and proud.