First Year

1 Day; 7 Hours; 15 Minutes To Go

This article is a little entry that outlines the start of my WordPress way back in 2014 as I was about to start my first year at university. 

It’s Time.

This article came about the night before it was moving in day, I share my thoughts and my feelings towards the next day.

Freshers Week 2014.

A small entry to detail how I found Freshers week, the events that took place and more.


This article is all about the start of lectures at university.


This article shares with you the struggles I was having at the beginning of first year and the support I found that was avaliable to me.

General Update – Three Weeks In.

This article does at the title says, it updates you on my journey through first year, just three weeks in.

And the first semester draws to an end…

This articles skips to Christmas and details how my first semester went, how I’m feeling and more.

With 6 weeks left…

This article does another jump way through first year to my final six weeks left at BGU in Lincoln, what I’ve been doing with my time and what I have left.

First Semester/DONE! 

This was meant to say ‘First Year/DONE!’ 

This articles outlines my first year once I had completed it and marks the start of the hard work I was to put it over the following summer.

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