The Student Room (JustGeorgeJ)

This entry is about my involvement on student website The Student Room.

Freshers Week 2015 / Hints & Tips

This article was the start of my work during the summer and highlights my personal points and ideas for Freshers week 2015.

Student Article Writing (Student Wire)

This entry outlines my involvement on student website Student Wire.


This article highlights one of the key worries that students have and my advice on how to deal with it.

Common Misconceptions: STUDENT WORRIES

This article highlights some of the most common misconceptions that surround university when first starting, I’m here to break these misconceptions with my own personal experiences.

JustGeorgeJ – My First Year Journey

This article accounts my journey through the first year and some of the things I learned along the way.


This entry updates readers with all the links to my current articles at the time of writing the entry.

First Year: Study or Party?

This article gives my personal views on whether the first year is all about studying or partying and which one you are more likely to do.

accommodation : STUDENT WORRIES

This article talks about accommodation at university if you have moved out and are now living in halls.

Keeping In Touch With Home

This article highlights how important it is to keep in contact with home when moving away to university.


This entry shares the results of a poll I can on student website The Student Room.

Preparing for Lectures

This article highlights how you could/should be preparing for lectures.

Why Students Should Blog

This article talks about why I believe it’s important for students to blog.

JustGeorgeJ / A Website You Need To Know (UniMarket)

In this article, I talk about a fantastic website I discovered called ‘UniMarket’. A place where students can buy/sell items directly to other students. Safe, simple and great to use!

Loneliness at University

In this article, I address an issue that’s been on the forums of TSR a lot recently, loneliness whilst at university.

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

An article to round off 2015 and welcome 2016!

JustGeorgeJ / A Communication App for Students (Unlike Any Other)

An article review of a new student orientated app called Tigli.

Why Did I Choose My Course?

After a long time, I’ve finally got around to telling my readers why I choose my course.

Second Year: Study or Party?

I yet again ask the question, study or party?

Analyze – Academic Help / Review

A review on the website Analyze.

GRADES : student worries

An article on another student worry, that being, GRADES.

Summer Work / Get A Job & Earn Some Money

A small article about getting a part-time job during summer and earning money.

Outreach – JustGeorgeJ

A little message to all those that read my blog from outside the UK.

GSM London; Chase Your Dreams!

A small motivational article.

Second Year Journey

This article outlines from journey through the second year at university.

I’ve Been Featured!

Just read…

Safe & Secure

Staying safe and secure in your student house!

Third Year: Study or Party?

For one final time, I return to the question, study or party?

Study Techniques

I give you some study techniques! … I think.

My Next Step

The next steps in my educational journey!

My Student Life

My little student life.

The Social Side

Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of university, the social side.

Finding Houses & Paying Rent

Are you looking for a student house? Read my hints and tips about doing so!

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