Second Year

The Countdown : Part Two

This article is a personal one sharing my thoughts and feelings towards the countdown to second year and moving in.

Packing 101 

This article shares some tips that you may need when it comes to packing to move into halls or a house share be it your first year, second or third.

Moving In Day 2015

This article is my personal account on my movng in day in preparation for second year, it details all that happened during my moving day, see if you can take something away from it.

Preparing for Lectures

This article is about my personal preparation for starting back lecures in second year but also shedding some light on hints and tips for freshers, second year or third year.

What They Don’t Tell You (Second Year)

This article is about something that you should be told about in first year, but no one ever does. 

Health at University

This article is my personal opinion on how to take care of yourself at university, also making you think about certain aspects you may not have considered.

JustGeorgeJ – Second Year Update

This article is simply an update about what is going on during my second year at university, focusing on living in student housing.

Being Prepared

In this article I provide my views on how to best prepare for university and lectures and much more.

student worries : assignments

An article that returns to looking at ‘student worries’, this time focusing on assignments.

JustGeorgeJ – Half Way Through

An article that documents my journey through university at it’s half way point.

STUDENT WORRIES : Being a Student

An article about the one major worry of being a student, that worry is, being a student.

What Am I Learning So Far?

An article to provide a few ‘life lessons’ that I am picking up on my journey.

 We’ve Reached the Break

An article about reaching the Easter Break and my journey so far.

JustGeorgeJ – Two Week Countdown

An article about second year coming to an end, full of helpful advice and hints and tips of my own personal creation.

Stress, Stress and More Stress

An article about stress and the effects of stress on your body – from personal experience and online help!

Second Year is Over!

An article about how my second year at university is over, now, onto third year!

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