Third Year

Being Prepared (NO.2)

YAY! First post of Third Year (Jesus, that’s terrifying – this seemed like such a long way off from ever have content) but anyway, here is a post all about preparing for university!

Why Is University So Exciting? (REVISITED)

So, just a little over a year ago, I started writing Student Advice articles, in this article, I revisit the topic I first ever spoke about.

Freshers 2016: Helpful Advice (Part One/Two) REVISITED

I continue the theme of revisiting old articles with this one, Freshers 2016 Helpful Advice.

Finances: Student Worries (REVISITED) 

Revisiting another old article in which I talk about Finances.

Common Misconceptions: STUDENT WORRIES (Revisited)

Here I revisit and update an important article to me, common misconceptions about the university experience.

Results Day 2016 

A small post about Results Day 2016.

Second Year Truth

A post about a truth behind my Second Year experience.

Let’s Start Third Year

This entry is about starting Third Year!

Third Year | First Week Back

 My first week back!

Third Year So Far | JustGeorgeJ

Four weeks in and this is my Third Year so far!

In A Flash | JustGeorgeJ

And just like that, I’m half way through Third Year.

Being a Student (My Personal Truth) – Part One

In this article, I do not sugar coat being a student – this is my personal truth.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017!

Food for Thought (Part One)

Things you need to remember as a student!

Food for Thought (Part Two)

Things you need to remember as a student – continued!

Being a Student (My Personal Truth) – Part Two | THIS IS ME

I finish my personal truth about being a student. This is me.

The Countdown Begins 

The countdown to the end of my university journey begins.


Guess what? It’s dissertation time!

It’s The Little Things

The little things I’ve loved about my journey through university.

Thinking Back to Freshers

Looking back at my experiences during Freshers!

Essays: How I Coped

How did I cope with my essays? Find out!

Why Drama?

Why did I choose Drama?


Simply, university.

One Week Left

I have one week left of university… read how I am doing!

My Last Presentation

My last presentation, my last lecture and my feelings towards them!

Life Without Uni

Life without university, what’s it like?

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