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To first years, freshers, students, university go-ers and all those this applies too! Gather around!

Hello guys, I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I didn’t do well with keeping up with this during summer as this WordPress was purely for my journey during university so there isn’t much to report on during summer, however, I have some posts planned to reach out to people.

Recently, I’ve started using The Student Room. A website where students, staff and what not can gather to write articles, blogs, post in forums and write threads. You can ask questions, get answers, share your experiences and knowledge and help others out as well as getting help you may seek.

I started using the site in early 2014 when I was in my last year of sixth form and having to make big decisions about university. I was told about the website and it helped me no end. I used it for personal questions as well as things about university and there was always someone there to answer a question for me! It really helped guide me to where I am now thanks to the people that dedicated their time to answer my questions.

Now through university in my first year, I didn’t use The Student Room due to the fact I was just too busy and it was one of those sites that went to the back of my mind but always remained in my bookmarks and then recently I started to clean out my bookmarks and stumbled upon the site again. Why is this important? Well!

I decided I wanted to start returning the knowledge and experience that I had received when first using the site! I know there are a lot of first years and freshers out there in the same boat I was in one year ago! It isn’t nice to feel alone and in the dark about the next stage of your life, therefore, here I am! (Not that exciting!) Now hear me out.

You can view my profile on the site here: JustGeorgeJ

I’ve been busy on the site posting threads, the titles and links are listed below:

You can read through those and see questions I’ve already answered for people in detail as well as threads I have open and waiting for people to find if they feel they need to use the opportunity I’ve provided.

Like I said, I have a lot of free time on my hands, therefore trying to spread my time across dedicating my time to these different websites. I will be using this and The Student Room a lot for posting about university and what not – expect some Youtube videos to be on their way soon!

At the same time you can catch my personal blog here over on LiveJournal. I just talk and talk on this one, I do make some interesting points now and again. Check it out! JustGeorgeJ – LiveJournal.


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